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Radiant Floor Heating has been our business since 1984. Our heating system uses hot water running through tubing embedded in the floor, not electric wire or mats.

At Radiant Tech, Inc. we are committed to your complete comfort and satisfaction. Especially when it comes to heating your home.

We designed and installed radiant floor heating and warm floor systems through 2004. Since 1994 we have designed custom systems for contractors and home owners. We are training them to install their own Radiant Tech systems, saving them the installation costs. 

We have streamlined a simple installation method for our customers.  We pre-assemble the pumps, valves, controls and manifolds in our facility.   See more about this in the "How" page.

We pride ourselves in our experience, support and in the importance of the response time to you, the customer.  We also operate in an ethical manor. We are usually able to provide a firm quote over the phone.  See more about this in the "Support" page. 

( Try us and see for yourself )

Our Ethics
      We work in an upright and ethical manner, with high morals and standards. There will never be any hidden charges.

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