Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Tech Inc.

Providing the finest complete
"Do it yourself Installation"
Radiant Floor Heating Systems !

At Radiant Tech we are committed to your complete comfort and satisfaction. Especially when it comes to heating your home.

Our specialty for 23 years has been:
 Radiant Floor Heating.

We supply complete Hydronic radiant floor systems, including a Radiant Tech. Hydronic control panel.

No Assembly or Soldering Needed

No technician or plumber is needed to assemble parts.  The Radiant Tech. Hydronic Panel includes the:

  •         Pumps

  •         Valves

  •         Type L copper pipe,

  •         Controls,  and

  •         Easy Quick Connections.

These components are all pre-assembled, soldered and mounted on brackets, ready to be hung on the wall.

Our Ethics

      We work in an upright and ethical manner, with high morals and standards. There will never be any hidden charges.

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